50 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Venue Before Booking

The wedding venue is the very first thing couples check off in their wedding to-do list. Finding a wedding venue is not just about going through different venues, finding an attractive setting, and making reservations. In fact, booking a wedding venue is probably a big decision that can make your special day a memorable affair for years.

A wedding venue means different things for different couples. For some, it is a place to hold their wedding ceremony. For some, it might just be a reception space. And for others, it is a base for several days to hold and celebrate different wedding ceremonies. Depending on different people’s requirements, the wedding venues differ from hotels to restaurants to sports clubs to barn venues to exclusive hire houses and more.

Regardless of your wedding type and style, there are many questions you need to ask your wedding venue before signing on the dotted line. To help you make your decision easy, here is a list of important questions you need to ask your potential wedding locales to make a smart decision. Let’s take a look:

Availability, Capacity & Cost

  1. What is the availability around my wedding date?
  1. What is the capacity of your venue, both standing and seated?
  1. What is the rental cost of your venue and what services are exactly included?
  1. Is there a minimum spend?
  1. Do you offer flexibility in choosing elements from different wedding packages?
  1. Do you have a license for holding wedding ceremonies?
  1. Do you have public liability insurance?
  1. What is your payment policy and when do I need to pay?
  1. What about your cancellation policy?
  1. How many weddings do you host a week?
  1. Is there both indoor and outdoor arrangements?


  1. Do you provide accommodation?
  1. Is there a bridal suite included in your service?
  1. Are there rooms available for my guests to stay overnight?
  1. Is there enough space for pre-wedding ceremonies?


  1. Is catering included?
  1. If not, what about kitchen facilities, tableware, and serveware?
  1. Can you cater for people with specific requirements?
  1. Do you offer food tasting?
  1. Can I check your beverage menu and pricing?
  1. Where will you host cocktail hours?
  1. Can we bring our own alcohol?
  1. If yes, what about the corkage charges?
  1. What is the closing time of the bar?
  1. Do you offer venue/bar extensions?
  1. What is the service and tax charge?
  1. Are there any charges for bringing our own desserts or cake?

Decor and Rentals

  1. Can we bring in our own decorations?
  1. Do you have signage to direct our guests to our event?
  1. What are your backup plans for unpredictable weathers?
  1. Do you offer umbrellas or heaters for outdoor spaces?
  1. Do you have to hire a wedding planner?
  1. If yes, is there any extra charges?
  1. Can we use candles?
  1. What are your electricity backup plans?
  1. Can we have food trucks, fireworks, kid activities, lawn games, etc?
  1. Can I see the night view of your venue?

Guest Requirements 

  1. Is there car parking available? And how many spots are there?
  1. What is the condition of your restrooms? Can I see?
  1. What about the baby changing facilities?
  1. Is there a smoking zone?
  1. Is your wedding venue accessible for disables guests?
  1. How many stairs are there at your venue?

Staffing and Technicalities

  1. Do you offer staff facilities?
  1. What about your service charge and tipping policy?
  1. Do you have a wedding coordinator?
  1. Who will be organizing things on the day?
  1. What audio/visual equipment do you provide?
  1. How late can we stay at the wedding venue?
  1. Are there any noise/music restrictions?

Your dream wedding planning starts with choosing the right wedding venue. Asking these questions when scouting out different wedding venues can be helpful in making a good decision. Also, make sure the wedding venue you’re finalizing is suitable to make your wedding an out-of-the-box affair for all involved.