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5 Unexpected Wedding Venues in Oceania

A wedding ceremony is something that needs a lot of preparation to ensure the entire ceremony goes off well. When it comes to a wedding event planning, the venue undeniably the most crucial thing that makes your wedding even more special and indelible. If you want to hold your big fat day at an unconventional venue, Oceania is the perfect versatile option.

Oceania, a continent that encompasses New Zealand, Australia, and attractive islands of the South Pacific is a top-notch option for a destination wedding. From cosmopolitan cities to mountain ranges to vast deserts to picture-perfect tranquil water to pristine white sand and more, Oceania offers stunning variations in terms of sea life and wildlife.

In this post, we have put together the ultimate list of unusual and interesting wedding venues that can transform your wedding into a lifelong experience. Let’s explore:

  1. Boomrock, New Zealand

Spread over 1600 acre area, Boomrock offers endless opportunities to make your wedding memories last forever for you as well as your guests. With its natural beauty and beautiful landscape, the venue combines impeccable service, fine cuisine, and effortless entertainment to celebrate your special day. The breathtaking view from the cliff tops makes for the most extraordinary setting to exchange your wedding vows.

  1. Hedgend Maze, Australia

Located in the heart of Healesville and surrounded by the amazing views of the Yarra Valley, this lush green wedding venue delivers a treasure trove of fun spaces and hidden photo-ops for every single moment of your big day.  Hedgend Maze is a place for everyone from children to youngsters to old people, making it an ideal site for blended weddings with panoramic backdrops.

The venue allows you to explore interesting sights, tropical gardens, a detailed patchwork of walkways, and more. Following the wedding ceremony, your guests are sent through the hedge-maze on a hunt for a secret message organized by the venue.

  1. SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium

If you and your partner have always dreamt of an out-of-the-box wedding, take a plunge and have your dream wedding at Melbourne’s only underwater wedding venue. The venue is dedicated to offering an exclusive arrangement to make your wedding a magical occasion. From the highly personalized service and exquisite fine-dining menus to the majestic backdrops of penguins, sharks, and other creatures, the venue is known for providing an unforgettable experience for all involved.

  1. Skyline Queenstown

Skyline Queenstown offers the ideal setting for an intimate wedding venue due to its spectacular adventurous spirit, impressive landscapes, and uninterrupted views. This open, romantic, and luxurious venue excels in creating a customizable experience for everyone to make your wedding a natural and breathtaking event.

  1. The Rippon Hall

Looking out across Lake Wanaka, Rippon’s vines, the Southern Alps, and Ruby Island, The Rippon Hall is one of the most interesting venues for hosting wedding ceremonies. Whether you want an indoor wedding in front of the roaring fire or outdoor wedding in the vines, it is the most perfect spot for a small, intimate, and flawless elopement wedding. This venue also offers an interesting reception arrangement to raise a toast to your new life with your nearest and dearest under the stars.

These are some of the most unique and interesting wedding venues in Oceania to get hitched. For an outstanding wedding celebration that cannot be compared, make your reservation for one of these unusual venues today.

Outdoor Wedding Venue

How to Make a Plan B for Your Outdoor Venue in Case of Rain

Congratulations on your engagement! It’s the time when you start planning your wedding. Wedding planning although seems exciting, but it is not as easy as it seems. One of the most challenging tasks is to choose a wedding destination, especially when you are planning an outdoor wedding.

Outdoor weddings have become the first choice for many couples to celebrate your big day. It offers stunning backdrops and amazing sights to click dynamic wedding pictures. The only issue with an outdoor wedding venue is – unfortunate weather.

If you have also planned an outdoor wedding, it is always recommended to keep a backup plan ready in case of rain or other inclement weather. Plan B is as essential as plan A when it comes to an outdoor wedding affair. Here are some tips to help you handle rain on your wedding day:

Choose Your Venue Wisely

First things first. Before finalizing a wedding venue, make sure to have open communication with the venue owner. Note down important questions and ask them to clear your doubts. What are your back plans for rainy days? Do you have indoor space available as an alternative? Do you have outdoor covered areas like canopies? Do you offer tents? Do you have a generator for power outages? A wedding venue that provides outdoor decorations with indoor arrangements (as backup) can be an ideal choice.

Rent a Tent

If your wedding venue doesn’t provide a tent as a backup, you need to rent one. A tent is a great backup plan for an outdoor wedding as it is easy to set up and can fit all your guests underneath its canopy. They have clear panels so you and your guests can still enjoy outdoors view through rain, snow, and wind.

Stock Up Rainy Day Essentials

There are some essentials you need to bring along with you if a surprise shower shows up unannounced. Stock up on ponchos, umbrellas, and raincoats, if your wedding ceremony is in open-air. Offer these gears to your guests to stay dry and clean. It can also be an exclusive opportunity to introduce a colorful appeal into your wedding day.

Keep Your Guests Comfortable

If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, it is your responsibility to ensure that your guests are comfortable throughout the wedding ceremony. Add ‘in case of rain’ info within your wedding invitation. This section should include details about any wedding venue changes, planning it ahead of time, or postponing it for two to three hours in case of bad weather. Keep your guests informed with all updates to ensure their safety and comfort.

Follow these easy to go plans to build a backup plan for your outdoor wedding. It never hurts to have a backup plan. So just make certain you have a rainy wedding backup strategy up your sleeves to make your wedding an indelible occasion despite any emergency. With a winning blend of cautions, rigorous prep, and creativity, you can guarantee an exceptional experience for all involved.

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5 Towns Just Outside Austin With Charming Venues

Austin is the state capital of Texas and is known for its outdoor attractions, rich artwork, fine restaurants, top-notch cuisine, music, food, and overall quality of life. The city is surrounded by many splendid towns which make perfect wedding destinations due to beautiful landscapes, unmatched elegance, and world-class venues.

Whether you’re looking for a vintage royal wedding or planning to host a modern wedding in Austin, this list covers all stylish destinations to match everyone’s desire. Let’s take a look at these gorgeous wedding venues outside Austin that you may choose to celebrate your special day.

1. Dripping Springs

Famous as the ‘Wedding Capital of Texas,’ Dripping Springs delivers a wealth of magnificent wedding venues that display the charm, hospitality, and loveliness of the region. A few minutes away from Austin, this Hill County resides nearby wineries and other local attractions. Boasting over 35 charming and down-right rustic wedding venues including Camp Lucy, Ma Maison, Memory Lane Event Center, The Creek Haus, etc., this city is an ideal choice for hosting weddings of all sizes and shapes.

Nested into the natural beauty of Texas, you can discover a relocated 19th-century Vietnamese chapel, historic mansions, rustic barns, churches, and more. In addition to finding a perfect wedding location, a couple can find everything they require to convert their wedding dreams into reality.

2. Manor

Manor is a small and excellent city in Texas known for holding exquisite wedding ceremonies and special receptions on its beautifully landscaped ground. The huge list of wedding venues including Terradorna, Redstone Events, Belle Oaks Inn, etc. offer everything from historic estates to hotel ballrooms to vineyards to barns and more to make your wedding a memorable occasion. Whether you are interested in a wedding event with dramatic grandeur or Southern simplicity, the city offers a creative and romantic atmosphere to suit your every plan. Moreover, Manor is a flexible option to celebrate your special moments.

3. Kyle

Kyle is the fastest-growing city in Texas, US. Beautifully hand-crafted by nature, Kyle is one of the most romantic wedding destinations to tie the knot. Unique venues and all-inclusive packages can make your wedding in Kyle Texas an indelible experience for all guests.

The city is home to superb nature-filled wedding venues such as The Winfield Inn, Thistlewood Manor & Gardens, Madeline Manor, Texas Old Town, Coyote Garden Hall, Sage Hill Inn Above Onion Creek, and more. With the perfect blend of modern elegance and rustic charm, Kyle offers a catchy backdrop for all your wedding ceremonies.

4. Sunset Valley

Sunset Valley is a versatile wedding destination in Texas surrounded on all sides by Austin. With romantic charm, historic hotels, seaside resorts, and a lot of things to explore and do throughout wedding period, the city has become a popular wedding location for local as well destination couples to host their wedding and turn it into a memorable affair. Sunset Valley includes several award-winning venues like Brodie Homestead to help couples envision, organize, and implement a perfect starting to their happily ever after.

5. Georgetown

Georgetown is an open, airy, and pretty place that invokes a modern appeal. A hidden gem in Texas, this is the right location for elegant and intimate occasions, like a wedding event. This is absolutely a stunning wedding destination that makes your special day as extraordinary as you dreamed of.

You may find a wide list of indoor and outdoor wedding venue options in the city including The Milestone | Georgetown, Angel Spring Event Center, Georgetown Traditions, and more when it comes to choosing a perfect fit for your dream wedding. This exclusive range of wedding venues provides you and your closed ones an ideal setting to enjoy your wedding and get the most out of it.

If timeless elegance is in your dreams, look no further than these top 5 amazing options. Choose any of these majestic destinations to celebrate your special day and let the romance begin. With industry-leading wedding planners and floral designers, your wedding ceremony will be in safe hands on reserving any of these elegant places.