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Is an All-Inclusive Venue Right for Your Destination Wedding?

An all-inclusive wedding means everything from your wedding venue, decoration, entertainment, photographers, caterers, food, drink, bakery to tax will be taken care of by your wedding venue or planner. All-inclusive destination weddings are extremely famous, but like everything else, they are not the perfect cutout for every couple. An all-inclusive wedding comes with its own pros and cons. Continue reading this post for more details before coming to any conclusion. 

Pros of an All-Inclusive Destination Wedding 

  • Stress-Free Option

Couples who want fuss-free and stress-free destination wedding, an all-inclusive wedding venue is a great option where everything is handled for you by on-site planners. As mentioned above, every single detail is included in your wedding package – all you need to do is just relax and enjoy your special day.

  • Reliable and Cheap

All-inclusive deals are reliable and allow couples to get the most out of their big day without spending much. The all-inclusive venue partners with professional and trusted vendors to help you handle almost everything at an affordable rate. 

  • A Time-Saving Deal

Another benefit of all-inclusive packages is that they are time-saving. As you don’t need to indulge in any research for finding different vendors, you get enough time to spend with your family and friends to double your celebration. These venues can make your experience even more enjoyable and interesting. 

  • Flexible Payment Options

Most all-inclusive destination wedding venues give you flexible payment plans as they understand that weddings are freaking outrageous. A flexible payment plan offers you flexibility in paying the total amount in installments instead of paying a giant lump sum. 

Cons of an All-Inclusive Destination Wedding 

  • Inflexible Option

All-inclusive venue wedding venues are convenient, but not flexible at all. If you are planning to host a wedding celebration at a quirky destination with lots of details to reflect your taste and personality, this option might not be your cup of tea.

  • Less Personalized Details

Usually, all-inclusive venues are recycled templates. It means they are not for couples seeking something unique. You’ll be bound by their limited in-house selection of stock décor that is the same recycled look every other couple is using at that venue.

  • Less Control Over Vendors

All-inclusive destination wedding venues often include flowering, photography, cake and other items in their wedding package. You’ll likely be limited to their hourly paid in-house staff (coordinators, caterers, photographer, etc.) who is likely several levels down in talent from independent wedding suppliers.

  • Not a Cost-Effective Option Every time

Most people believe that all-inclusive venues are inexpensive but that’s not necessarily the case. You might have to pay extra if a particular all-inclusive venue doesn’t cover your certain requirements.

Couples who want simplicity & convenience and don’t mind having somewhat of a cookie cutter wedding are a good match for all-inclusive destination wedding venues. All-inclusive weddings can be fuss-free, beautiful, and indelible if planned properly and couples know what to expect from their venue.

If you and your partner also want the convenience and low stress of all-inclusive destination wedding but with more personalization, you should consider an all-inclusive wedding package with a planning company instead of the venue itself.

For instance, some companies offer complete wedding programs for various types of couples, such as Indian destination wedding packages in Mexico, where the entire occasion is customizable to the client’s taste, style and preferences. These types of planning companies usually have access to reduced venue rates anyway, so couples often enjoy the big savings on the venue.

Ultimately, all-inclusive wedding packages are great for couples who aren’t choosy and just want a wedding ceremony that goes off without a hitch. With the help of the right event planning company, you can bring your dream wedding vision to real life.