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5 Unexpected Wedding Venues in Oceania

A wedding ceremony is something that needs a lot of preparation to ensure the entire ceremony goes off well. When it comes to a wedding event planning, the venue undeniably the most crucial thing that makes your wedding even more special and indelible. If you want to hold your big fat day at an unconventional venue, Oceania is the perfect versatile option.

Oceania, a continent that encompasses New Zealand, Australia, and attractive islands of the South Pacific is a top-notch option for a destination wedding. From cosmopolitan cities to mountain ranges to vast deserts to picture-perfect tranquil water to pristine white sand and more, Oceania offers stunning variations in terms of sea life and wildlife.

In this post, we have put together the ultimate list of unusual and interesting wedding venues that can transform your wedding into a lifelong experience. Let’s explore:

  1. Boomrock, New Zealand

Spread over 1600 acre area, Boomrock offers endless opportunities to make your wedding memories last forever for you as well as your guests. With its natural beauty and beautiful landscape, the venue combines impeccable service, fine cuisine, and effortless entertainment to celebrate your special day. The breathtaking view from the cliff tops makes for the most extraordinary setting to exchange your wedding vows.

  1. Hedgend Maze, Australia

Located in the heart of Healesville and surrounded by the amazing views of the Yarra Valley, this lush green wedding venue delivers a treasure trove of fun spaces and hidden photo-ops for every single moment of your big day.  Hedgend Maze is a place for everyone from children to youngsters to old people, making it an ideal site for blended weddings with panoramic backdrops.

The venue allows you to explore interesting sights, tropical gardens, a detailed patchwork of walkways, and more. Following the wedding ceremony, your guests are sent through the hedge-maze on a hunt for a secret message organized by the venue.

  1. SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium

If you and your partner have always dreamt of an out-of-the-box wedding, take a plunge and have your dream wedding at Melbourne’s only underwater wedding venue. The venue is dedicated to offering an exclusive arrangement to make your wedding a magical occasion. From the highly personalized service and exquisite fine-dining menus to the majestic backdrops of penguins, sharks, and other creatures, the venue is known for providing an unforgettable experience for all involved.

  1. Skyline Queenstown

Skyline Queenstown offers the ideal setting for an intimate wedding venue due to its spectacular adventurous spirit, impressive landscapes, and uninterrupted views. This open, romantic, and luxurious venue excels in creating a customizable experience for everyone to make your wedding a natural and breathtaking event.

  1. The Rippon Hall

Looking out across Lake Wanaka, Rippon’s vines, the Southern Alps, and Ruby Island, The Rippon Hall is one of the most interesting venues for hosting wedding ceremonies. Whether you want an indoor wedding in front of the roaring fire or outdoor wedding in the vines, it is the most perfect spot for a small, intimate, and flawless elopement wedding. This venue also offers an interesting reception arrangement to raise a toast to your new life with your nearest and dearest under the stars.

These are some of the most unique and interesting wedding venues in Oceania to get hitched. For an outstanding wedding celebration that cannot be compared, make your reservation for one of these unusual venues today.


Unconventional Wedding Venues You Might Not Have Considered

A wedding is one of the special events in a couple’s life. It brings two souls together for a lifetime. Selecting a wedding venue is one of the biggest decisions for an engaged couple. However, from castles to libraries to caves to glaciers, the options are endless. Make your wedding day a special experience for all by picking up an unusual wedding venue. Here is a list of some out-of-the-box wedding ceremony venues that you may choose from for your exclusive wedding experience.


Museums are one of the most unique and unusual options for a wedding venue. Although to some it might seem weird, actually they make a perfect wedding venue. Museums have impressive features, decors, and discounts to host special events. There are several choices from city museums to space & air museums to natural history museums to children’s museums and more. You may pick any option to grab an opportunity to make your wedding a memorable and dynamic event for everyone.

Antique Store

For couples, who love to spend their weekends looking for vintage things, an antique store wedding venue can be an ideal option for them. If you are a vintage lover and want to celebrate your big day in some vintage place, you can go with this option. Think about it. This eclectic site is lots of fun for any wedding ceremony and offers you a stunning backdrop to take time-stopping pictures. One amazing thing that makes this wedding site even more special is that it can be designed and customized uniquely depending on the groom and bride’s vision.

Iconic Library

A historic library makes the perfect backdrop for an enlightened soirée. With a sprawling and iconic spaces and engaging architectural details, it’s not a bad idea to start your new life from a historic library. If you and your partner love literature, you will completely fall for the idea of marrying in such a place. This stunning wedding site will not only makes your wedding different from others but also allow you to break the rules by laugh-out-loud, without staying quiet or keeping your voice down inside a library.

Breathtaking Castles

If you want your wedding to be a fairy tale, getting married in a magical castle banquet or venue is a perfect fit. There are countless astonishing castle wedding venues across the globe in different remarkable locations. Regardless of your wedding style, there is a castle wedding venue for you. Select any of your desired venues and get ready to take a royal feel on your special day.

Botanical or Conservatory Garden

If you have always dreamed of a wedding surrounded by flowers and greenery, consider getting married at a botanical garden, flower garden, topiary garden, or even a sculpture garden. A conservatory garden makes great settings for a classy traditional wedding day. Besides of beautiful blooms and green foliage, of course, many gardens possess an ethereal greenhouse, tree-lined paths, flower beds, and pretty fountains to hold your wedding ceremonies. With a lot of natural greenery and countless plant species, you won’t require to bring in many decorations.

Mid Ocean Wedding Venue

If you are a sea lover, why not take your wedding vows on a yacht, ferry, riverboat, or sailboat in the mid of the sea. Choosing a mid-ocean wedding site is a great deal to provide a distinctive background for your guests and photographers to explore something different and take lively pictures throughout the day.

Tree House

Getting married in a tree house is another startling wedding venue to give an amazing start to your new life. A tree house is basically a cottage on stilts in the mid of a forest with an incredible scenery surrounded by woodland. It is a preferred choice for a more intimate affair, as a tree house can hold a smaller number of guests. Select a tree house wedding site and plan an outdoors-inspired, rustic wedding day full of fun activities such as hiking and group meals around a campfire.

Hopefully, these out-of-the-ordinary venues have sparked your innovative juices and motivated you to reflect your own aesthetic. For couples, who want an outstanding wedding experience, there is no reason to plan a normal wedding in a ballroom or church or in a banquet hall when this list of stunning wedding venues is available in front of you. Select any of these non-traditional places to host your wedding day. Do some thorough research, hire a wedding planner, and plan your wedding in one of these unconventional locales to double your celebration.